Executive coaching is defined as the relationship which is maintained professionally between a trained coach and the client,a client can be a group of people in a venture or an individual. they meet with the goals to enhance the client leadership or management performance or leadership. Through the process of brain stroming , enquiry, details analysis and many other tools .the coaches serve as the thought partner to help the clients to examine his decion making experiment with the new ideas via brain stroming and commit to the action that help to achieve the clients goals .

A skillful coach is vision builder helping the client realize his vision ,his goals and enters with an intent to help the clients to perform better. Making them believe what coaches belief. these coaches helps the person to mature as an individual within himself because you want to have 10 years of experience rather than having experience of single year 10 times .

They will have an effect on how you lead your team ,they will help you improve in handling team,how to be an effective team leader and also explores your opportunity to grow personally by examining your behavior and various parameters they set for individual to improve. They will motivate you help you generate confidence and have good control over your team.

Planning is an important phase in business so these coaches not only motivate and guide but also help in proper planning of the future and the steps to help them achieve ,they will see the clients goals and analyze them through tools and then help them to make a proper planning guiding them to achieve the target and be successful.

In order to be an effective leader, you should be able to take constructive feedback from the coaches this will help you create a better solution and decision the next time around when you will stuck in same situation. It will help to boost the performance in long time run more because clients challenge themselves even more

Your coaches are also your champion and confidence builder. They are being able to share the important things with anyone who is on your side is great for clients well being. It’s good to think that most people do not have someone whome they can turn to about the important business and leadership decision for the company. spouses and partners can be well-meaning but they will not always be suitable to hear and support you in creating the new ways forward within your companies. This is the time your faithful and wise coaches will comes in.


Many executive coaching companies of india are taking the initiative to help the clients grow their business by promoting goal driven approach to the clients .many companies in India provide executive coaching because these are necessary to grow your business and also to maintain the stress , the flow of planning , enhancing the decision making abilities to help the growth in all parameters as an individuyals and a team.